At last an update


At last an update

Wow – I cant believe that it’s over a week since I last posted an update. A summary of events is in order…

Fliss’ 20th birthday night out was a good laugh last Friday – mostly thanks to Kieran suggesting we went for a meal first. Good one! The rest of the long weekend was whiled away quite tamely in comparison.

Monday night made for a fun, though, with the jubilee fireworks down at the Albert Dock and the beverages consumed afterward it made me feel almost patriotic. Almost.

Tuesday, myself and Dado went skateboarding back down at the Albert Dock. I was fairly pants… in my defence I was using my good board, which is totally different from my usual board that Dado was using. So add to that the fact I didn’t want it to get damaged… and the trucks were way too loose to control any landings. Ack – what the heck, I would have been pants regardless. Dado was pretty decent for his first time out in a few years, though. He’s already better than me at football, so I really must practice on the skateboard to close the gap.

On Thursday this week the big kahuna was in the building at work. The man himself was given a tour of the intranet I’ve developed and gave it a resounding thumbs up! Wahey!

Of course, I was totally stoked, and my boss was too, along with his boss, so it really made my week. It’s only now that the project is taking shape and gaining momentum, so to be told by the big kahuna himself that it would be of use to other studios was really ace.