Board Stupid

My trusty Reaction deckTuesday night ended up in a marathon boarding session down by the Albert Dock.

To be truthful I’ve done more hours before at PlayStation in London, but down there I’d be tempted to have a rest every five minutes or so and I’d end up watching everyone else for a while.

I completely flogged myself last night, though – my left knee is as stiff as hell and I managed to pull all my stomach muscles doing a rather natty backflip. Finally I managed to land a pop-shuvit and the board shoots off in the direction of the horizon, leaving me to land flat on my back on the concrete. Wheeeeeze!

Fliss also got out on her rollerblades for the first time in around three years. Sickeningly her balance wasn’t too far out and she was whizzing around in no time, leaving me to do the new born lamb impressions every time I attempted a trick.

By the time Dado showed up after 10pm (slow Italian), I was pooped and didn’t have the energy to humiliate him with my greater skating prowess! ;o)

Still, I enjoyed myself much more doing that than I did at five’s tonight. Think it’s the last time I’ll play for definate – there’s always some twat who elbows you in the face or stamps on your shin (in my case it’s the same twat, but I wont get into that here). At least with skating, any injuries are self inflicted – that’s my kind of injury!

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Crappy birthday Nutscrape 4!

Web standards evengelist Scott Andrew has gone off on one to celebrate the fifth birthday of Netscape Navigator 4.0.

Personally I’m not so sure it’s worth celebrating – Netscape 4.x has been the cause of many sleepless nights for many web designers/developers over the last five years. I remember thinking when IE 4.1.1 came out; “Asta La Vista, Netscape!”

But no – it wouldn’t smeg off and you still get the occasional Amish web surfer around today who insists on sticking with this god awful piece of software. For me, NN 4’s tenth birthday cant come quick enough – by then it should be nothing but horrible memory.

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