Pot calling the iKettle black

A few weeks ago I followed a link from Jeremy‘s site to the Apple “Switch” campaign area on their site. As a PC user this was just out of curiosity, you understand – I am at least open to the idea that PC’s might not be the holy grail.

Anyhow, reading through the Mac propoganda I came to a grinding halt when I met the line “Mac’s don’t crash!”

Erm… since when?!

A year and a half working at a publishing company with a good number of them around taught me that they crash just as often as PC’s… maybe not in the same way, but they crash all right. I don’t mind being sold something – I’m a fairly easy guy to convince if I can see the benefits of something myself and I get the feeling the sales pitch is a reasonably honest one. So this is why I left the Apple site with a shrug – they should at least sell their system on its obvious benefits instead of slinging mud at PC’s.

I found this article today that underlined the train of thought that in addition to falling sales… Apple might have bigger problems on the horizon due to this very advertising campaign.

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