Parental Control

The weekend saw the first proper visit by my parents since I moved out of home two and a half years ago. I had been a little anxious about it, as due to the way life goes I hadn’t had the best of relationships with my step-father over the last 20 years.

As it turned out every thing was cool – we seemed to get on pretty well and there were no noticable moments of friction over the three days; An achievment in itself if my family history is anything to go by!

It was interesting spending time with my little brother, too. He kind of looks up to me, which I find pretty weird as I’m hardly the kind of role model that should be inspiring to any eleven year old. Since most of the role model thing comes from my PlayStation prowess, it wasn’t too hard to impress him with a couple of levels of Medal of Honour and an in depth stint on Grand Theft Auto 3.

Funny how a game focused on one of the worst times in history and another recreating a seedy criminal underworld can help while away a rainy weekend for two people 18 years apart in age. Looks like video games have crossed the generation gap after all.

All in, the weekend was probably the most enjoyable and relaxed time I’ve spent with my parents in a long long time. Maybe they’re not as old as they used to be… :o)

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