Asking for it


Asking for it

I had to shake my head in disbelief when I read this story regarding an english actor performing in a play at the Edinburgh Fringe. The play concerns racism in football, so this man of questionable sanity takes to the streets of Edinburgh in an England shirt, complete with a shaven head and a St George’s flag painted on it.

And he says, surprize surprize, that he got some abuse.

What… the… fuck… was he expecting?!

I don’t normally get involved in this sort of thing – I’m Scottish, but not that patriotic for the place, and I’ve lived in England for five and a half years of my life so I don’t really give out that strong a Scottish vibe other than my accent (and the fact I’m wearing a Rangers shirt today has nothing to do with it – it’s five a side day!).

Anyhow, if I shaved my head, painted the St Andrews cross on it, stuck on a Scotland shirt and handed out leaflets down Liverpool town center I could 100% guarantee I’d be going home via casualty. Assuming I was ever well enough again to live at home.

It’s common fucking sense that you don’t rub peoples noses in it or you bring the worst side out of human nature. So why is this tosspot Jonathan Salt going to the press and making out that Scotland has a low tolerance for his kind of behaviour? – That Scottish people are in some way racist because of the reaction of a few passionate individuals at the appearance of some pillock trying to drum up an audience for his play?

People like Jonathan Salt make me sick – courting the media with some shock bullshit when all he wants is a little free publicity. At the end of the day, he is asking for it in more ways than one.