Burnout 2 : Point of Impact

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Burnout 2 : Point of Impact

This game will quite deservedly sell hundreds of thousands of copies. Off of the back of that, Criterion will then be able to offload crates full of the Renderware development package to third party developers the world over.

And if people still need convincing after Burnout 2, Grand Theft Auto : Vice City will follow hot on the tyre tracks of this adrenaline fueled arcade racer to deliver a very merry and graphically enhanced xmas for gamers the world over, all courtesy of Renderware and a little imagination.

Could I be wrong?

Yes I could, but the quality of Burnout 2 defies the sub-year development time. Considering the world had been on a couple of trips round the Sun in the time it took the Codies to churn out TOCA and it’s bland renderer, it might be worth their while to invest in Renderware before they start work on yet another sequel.

This game is everything TOCA Race Driver failed to be. It’s a very decent racing experience, the graphics are sublime, and even when you get it all wrong the physics and particle effects make for a heart stopping, eyeball grabbing one way ticket to Carnageville before you’re off on your merry way again.

If it has any faults it’s that once you’re ahead, the AI cars don’t use boost if you don’t. So once you’re ahead there’s really no reason to take the risk and have it all end in tears on the final corner.

But where would the fun be in that?

Burnout 2 just begs you to see how fast you can go. It’s not quite up there with Wipeout Fusion’s Zone Mode, but considering your wheels are on the tarmac and the roads are filled with traffic it goes plenty fast enough!

New for the sequel; when you hit the boost the music fades in instead of fading out to a heartbeat, as in the previous game. It’s weird at first, but pretty cool after a while. Also new are the various game modes such as pursuit, obviously borrowed from the Need For Speed series, and Crash mode, which just involves having as big a crash as you possibly can from various set pieces. Sounds fun, and it is.

Heck, I could go on, but instead I urge anyone with a PS2 to just go and buy this game right now. Anyone without a PS2 should wait until the begining of next month, get the PS2 and Formula One 2002 bundle, plus Burnout 2 and GTA Vice City then take the rest of the year off work!