Seven days in the cold…


Seven days in the cold…

How long does it take to get a water boiler fixed?!

Seven days it took my estate agent to get their shit together and get a company round to fix it. I’ve ended up with the worst cold I’ve had for ages and spent three days sitting in the house waiting for a guy to come and fix it.

When that guy finally showed up it was a half hour job. Seven days to do a half hour job – what the heck is that all about?!

And the thing about waiting in all day – that drives me nuts. It’s almost certain that with the telephone company, gas company, electricity company or given repair man you can wait in for day after day and then you pop out for three minutes because you’ve run out of stuff to live on. And when you get back you find a note saying “Sorry, we called while you were out…” Aaaaarrghh!

To me it’s obvious that a decent reliable service from these people – so that they turn up during the hour they said they would, or at least give a call to keep you informed, would be invaluable and build a great reputation.

Maybe being reliable and prompt would get in the way of sand-bagging and stringing jobs out for more of a pay cheque, though. Wow, am I getting cynical…