Anything can happen


Anything can happen

Monday started out the way most Mondays do – into the office, check the mail, have a coffee, pick around for simple things to do until I’m fully awake; that kind of thing.

Lunchtime came and went as usual before the studio manager asked if I’d do a mercy dash to the London studio to deliver a package. Since I knew where the studio was, and I knew London well, I became the top candidate for the job.

With a couple of minutes to decide whether I wanted to go or not, I hardly had time to think before I was delivered to the station and sitting in first class, bound for London Euston! Mental stuff if you ask me – kind of wicked too, with all the recent turmoil I needed something a bit unusual to happen.

I spent Monday night in O’Neills just off Leicester Square with my cousin Iain and good friend Ian “The Bin Man” Binnie. It wasn’t what I thought I’d be doing on that particular Monday night, but it sure beat moping around the house feeling miserable and unwanted.

Sadly Fliss had some bad news the same day – one of the directors of her company died of a heart attack at the weekend. He was a nice guy and had been the type that goes for a drink after work rather than slinking off to a country retreat somewhere – that kind of thing.

From the phone conversation I could tell she was upset about it and even after recent events I really wanted to be there to comfort her at the time. Not sure what I could have said or done, but although I was having fun with good company I would have been there for her in an instant if I could have been.