All good things…


All good things…

Fliss finally came home today, and brought with her the news that our relationship was over. Not that I really needed telling – I had kind of worked it out for myself, but official confirmation is always required in these situations, just so you know where you stand.

Now, supposedly, I can get on with re-building my life. So… clearing out the cobwebs and forging ahead with whatever single folk do would seem to be the obvious priority right now. However, as always with my life, there’s an entertaining punchline.

In a plot straight out of Friends, Fliss and I are going to continue living together!

Oh yes! – Sending the weird-shit-o-meter farther off the scale than I expected it to go, we’re going to stay in seperate rooms and struggle along until… well, I’m not sure how this one will turn out. Heck, at this point in time I should probably be discussing it over coffee with Joey and Chandler down at Central Perk!

The irony is that we’d always prided ourselves in the fact that our relationship was different from folk like her mother and father. Now here we are – financially trapped in the same house, living in seperate rooms. It has a ring to it somehow.

Oh, and Fate – you have a bitch of a sense of humour. Thanks for this – fuckyouverymuch!