A touching story…


A touching story…

I’m an NFL Football fan, but due to geographical location I haven’t seen a game other than on TV. Well, unless you count the Scottish Claymores… which, to be fair, hardly counts as full blown NFL style football.

Even so, I can appreciate the history of the sport and the occasion of virtually every single game if you’re a fan of any of the 32 teams. From landmarks like Walter Payton’s all-time rushing record being broken at the weekend by Emmitt Smith, to Randal Cunningham retiring as an Eagle in the off season, I love the big moments and the less significant one’s in equal measure. That’s NFL football – larger than life players, and in the case of John Madden – larger than life commentators.

This story about a mentally-handicapped player who got the chance to score in a game is one of those things that brings a tear to the eye even if you don’t follow the sport. Two teams of players, coaches and refs who showed real class in making it happen for the kid.