Why do blondes like BMW’s?


Why do blondes like BMW’s?

Because they are easy to spell.


Ha ha.


What the fark is up with kids these days?! When I were a lad, if it was worth going out in the pissing Scottish rain to go guising or Trick or Treating as they call it across the pond, it was worth getting some decent jokes together to earn your monkey nuts and fruit.

Hell, if it was a good joke and you had a good costume then you might find some change thrown in your polly bag along with the aforementioned monkey nuts and fruit.

Fliss and I went shopping and got said monkey nuts (which Asda hadn’t even placed on the shelf, ffs – we had to ask a man to go and get them for us), plus a tub of sweets and a load of fruit, and we put them in little sandwich bags for the hoardes of callers we were expecting on Hallow’een.

We got two guys – both wearing masks they’d bought at the same flippin’ Asda probably, and the blondes and BMW’s joke was the best they could do. What is it with that? I mean, yeah, we gave them a pair of bags but it was more to get rid of them than to reward them for the effort.

Hallow’een has had it’s day, I think – maybe we can trade the whole event for a long weekend during the summer from now on.