Fireworks night goes with a bang!


Fireworks night goes with a bang!

After moving around London for the last few years, and staying in the city centre for the first six months of being in Liverpool, I’m glad to finally live in a street where the neighbours interact with one another. It didn’t come as much of a surprize when we found a note from our friendly neighbours on the door on Monday night telling us to gather outside for fireworks and food at six thirty the following evening.

Fortunately on the night it was dry for long enough to watch two or three boxes of fireworks go up in various degrees of smoke. Highlight of night had to be a Catherine Wheel that went on for almost a minute – an eternity in firework time!

Our direct next door neighbour, Jan, had prepared a huge pot of chili with baked potatoes, cakes, garlic bread – the full spread – and lots of drink too and with most of the other friendly neighbours turning up it made for a really pleasant evening.

Quite possibly the best fireworks night I’ve had for a very long time – hope you enjoyed yours too :o)