Feeling Recycled


Feeling Recycled

After said Krazy House merryment, a very late night and emerging from bed just a bit hung over we needed a jolt to the system to avoid throwing the day away.

This came in the shape of a cycle along the Mersey all the way in to town and back again. It’s been some time since we’ve been out on the mountain bikes – indicated by the fact that both of us are walking a little on the John Wayne side this evening!

That said – if the weather here can be kind enough to deliver dry Sundays I think it’ll be the perfect way to clear the cobwebs. I actually miss being out on the bike too – having a ridiculously expensive one it really is a crime to let it gather dust when it just screams to be chucked down a hillside somewhere.

I suspect at some point in the future they will actually recognise the condition known as PlayStation ass!

Must get out more. :o)