End Zone?


End Zone?

Things have been going downhill at WipeoutZone for the last few months. The traffic has dwindled since the heady heights of February and March, just after the launch of Wipeout Fusion. Add to this the current stream of idiots who are spamming the site and it’s getting to the point where I don’t need the hassle.

The sad thing is I have a few friends on there – the main moderators and a few of the long term guys are nice folks and they make sensible posts. However, there are a few new arrivals who post thoughtlessly or are just teenagers posturing with “I am the greatest” type comments which really knock the wind out of my sails with regard to the site.

It’s almost like it has served its purpose – I got a job out of it and that’s great. But more than three years after the release of the game the site is related to, it seems to have lost its course and in place of the previously thriving, forward thinking community, it’s now going round in circles, covering the same ground repeatedly.

Part of the reason is that Wipeout Fusion was a bit of a let down for the fans who hyped it so much. There’s nothing I can do to remedy that and there’s now nothing new to talk about on the site. There wont be another Wipeout game for several years and it’s looking more and more like WipeoutZone wont bridge that gap unless there’s a turnaround from the current vibe.

I remember about nine months ago I sent a mail to a guy who runs a GTA 3 fan site when he was thinking of giving it up. I told him to hold onto it because he’d appreciate it in the long run – fortunately he stuck it out… even though he never replied to my mail.

I’m not sure whether to follow my own advice or get on with something fresh. Man, I really do need a holiday.