One of those days


One of those days

Today was a complete non-starter. I felt like crap from the moment I got up and by the time I got to work I was just hoping to survive the day without any friction with anybody.

This lasted until mid afternoon when I was reminded yet again in another example of inverse motivation, of how I should know my place and because I don’t have any graphic design qualifications I shouldn’t really be speaking out on design issues with the stuff I work on.

Turns out that five years producing web sites counts for nothing if you don’t have a graphic design degree. I think I’ll have to disagree quietly on that one.

Truth be told, I’ve produced so many corporate intranets in the last two and a half years that I’m starting to get pissed right the way off with it. Hell, even going back to being an electrician has more appeal than another five years of doing this.

Trouble is, I’m doing some Very Cool Stuff ™ at the moment, it’s just that the environment I’m working in means that there is little in the way of praise but plenty of the stuff that makes you want to go postal.

I really cannot wait to take all that time off at xmas.