The six day weekend


The six day weekend

Almost too quickly my six day weekend was over and I don’t feel any more rested than when it began.

Granted, six days of PlayStation, beer and indulgence can sometimes take it out on you, but I had hoped to feel a little more relaxed and recouperated afterwards.

Could be that cousin Iain’s arrival on the scene tempted me to the dark side! I mean, two o’clock in the afternoon on a Monday isn’t really when you should start drinking beer!

It was fun, though, and as a parting gesture I handed over my original PS2 for a meagre sum. (a sum that has yet to find its way into my bank account, let it be noted!)

Anyhow, a quick call to Iain tonight confirmed that the PlayStation virus has been swiftly passed on – he was already in the early stages of a season of LMA Manager 2003, punctuating the conversation with “Ooooh – that was a close one!” as his virtual teams’ simulated game took place in the background.

I hope Iain gets more sleep over the next few days than we got over the weekend. :o)