The games people play

I’m beginning to really look forward to the holidays now. It’s almost within touching distance – only one week and I’ll be off until the second week of next year – woohoo!

Next week comprises of xmas parties and days like you used to have at school where you’d bring in computer games… or Mouse Trap if you weren’t spoiled rotten like I was!

Actually – that was ace back then. I had the classic Astro Wars and a slighly less decent game (but slightly more advanced) called Firefox, which was nothing at all to do with the movie or the laserdisc based arcade game.

The second I’d come through the cloakroom doors carrying polly bags containing the two mini arcade games I was the most popular kid in the class. Well, my games were popular anyway and for once all the bullies would be nice to me so they could have a go.

I remember I’d just find a wall socket and plug the games in and leave someone in charge (a girl called Andrea Leighton usually – wonder if she’s a manager of some sort now?!). Andrea would see to it that people took fair turns while I stood back, basking in the glory of my short lived popularity.

Ah yes – that was when Xmas really began for me, circa 1982 :o)

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Moby Slick

I love the quote by Moby on how he could have prevented the attack on him by three obviously very cowardly assholes:

“warning: tonights show will at time be comprised of cover songs poorly played by moby, a skinny bald musician”

I like Moby‘s stuff in small doses and after watching Frank Skinner interview him I kind of thought he was a pretty cool guy. Hopefully he’ll get over his cuts and bruises in time for Xmas :o)

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