Cruise CTRL


Cruise CTRL

Well, that’s it all over for another year. After a smooth cruise back down the motorway I find myself getting back to normal after the festive season.

For the most part it was a really good holiday – could have done with being 20 degrees warmer, but I guess you just have to take what Scotland is willing to give you this time of year!

Highlights included a night out with Ade and the lads, more roast dinners than I can ever remember having during an xmas period, and a lot of time spent just relaxing for a change.

Sadly the TMA 10th anniversary gig at the Clyde bar was a bit of a disappointment. Only one hour of play after a mad mercy dash from a family gathering left me feeling a little bit cheated. Ah well, there’s always this year.

I’m going to spend the final day of my holiday recovering before getting back to the grindstone on Monday. Strangely I’m looking forward to it – nothing like a holiday to renew the motivation.

Happy new year!