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Movies Games & Videos

During the festive period I managed to indulge in all of the above more than once.

On the last day I had at work, the company was good enough to send a load of us to see The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers, which I thoroughly enjoyed – even more so than the first movie, despite not being a “Ringie” (if that’s the term). Amazing special effects which are seemlessly combined with stunning cinematics make for the kind of experience in the movie theatre which has been lacking for a while.

The flip side of all the CGI technology turned out to be Star Wars Episode II, which I ended up watching on video at the request of my brother. I mean – what a pile of crap! I’d put off watching it due to all the negative press, but I didn’t expect it to be that poor.

As if to rub salt in the wounds of Episode II, I took said brother to watch Star Trek : Nemesis on Friday and I have to say it was one of the most awesome Trek films I’ve watched in a while. The whole tone was so dark and urgent that I found myself being swept along nicely by the storyline, not to mention bedazzled by the fantastic special effects. True, the ending was a bit sad, but if this is to be the last of the Next Generation movies then it’s a fabulous way to bookend the adventures of that particular cast.

As for the games… well, that was just more of the usual, really… ;o)