Shtop Shtop – this website is not ready!


Shtop Shtop – this website is not ready!

The Q4/2002 and Q1/2003 versions of this site kind of blended into one another as I moved stuff around, played a bit with the banner, and messed around with the colours. All in all, nothing significant came of it!

At the moment I’m working on some code so that visitors can add comments on articles, a proper archiving system including previous Feel Good Factor ratings and I’m actually up for another attempt at a fluid css layout as opposed to the current fixed width affair.

Of course, remaining professional about this means I’m not going to upload it until it’s ready… a la Grolsch – I’m horrified with the amount of alleged “web guru” sites out there with the “Under Construction” disclaimer when you hit a dead end in navigation.

Since when did that become acceptable again? Might as well have the animated gif of a little guy digging centered on the page. It’s completely Mickey Mouse and there’s absolutely no place for it on a decent website. If the content isn’t there – don’t link to the page, FFS!