The honeymoon is over!


The honeymoon is over!

In fact – not just the honeymoon. The whole affair is on the rocks at the moment and this could be the final straw. Oh yes – Homesite 5 has wronged me today. For over four years I’ve used that piece of s….. software almost every day of the week.

And today, whilst I foolishly used the code collapse function, Homesite chose to delete around a hundred lines of code and replace them with a forward slash.

A forward slash.

One of these /


I have no idea, but the charms of Bradsoft‘s TopStyle seem all the more irresistable now that Homesite has chosen to cross me after all this time.

I knew something was wrong straight away, but rather than hit undo as I should have, I decided to close Homesite down to see if that would solve the funk it was in. Only afterwards did I realise that the hundred lines of code were now a forward slash and I was unable to retrieve them.

Actually, the fault lies at the door of Macromedia, in this case. Had they maintained Homesite when they bought Allaire instead of concentrating on Dreamweaver then the three year old bug in the code collapse function would probably have been fixed by now.

Damn these megacorps!