No surprise that they’re still at it


No surprise that they’re still at it

Micro$oft are still filtering for non-MSIE browsers at MSN and sending them a style sheet which messes up the display of the page.

Only a short while since they laughed off the US Department of Justice case against them for anti-competitive practices, is it really any surprise at all that MicroSoft are still at it?

Not to me, and I’m starting to wonder if switching to Opera as my default browser isn’t such a bad idea after all. This is the wrong time for MicroSoft to be playing games, really – Mac users are probably stampeding to use the new Safari browser and PC users have been making do with the limited features of IE6 for some time now. (The new Opera 7 leaves it standing feature wise.)

After five years with Internet Explorer at the top of the pile… maybe it’s time for a revolution.