Two Weeks Notice


Two Weeks Notice

Went to see this at the weekend. Quite an enjoyable film, although I couldn’t help thinking that in the quest to avoid using any romantic comedy cliché’s the movie felt quite disjointed in places.

Hugh Grant was Hugh Grant – same old same old, and Sandra Bullock was her usual quirky self and the combination of the two made for some quite amusing moments.

On the downside, the product placement was hardly subtle. In one scene Sandra is sitting at a table ready to represent the absent Hugh in his divorce settlement. Absolutely out of nowhere she says “Is there any more Diet Coke?” There is no can of Diet Coke on the table, nor is there any action taken on her request before Hugh enters the room and the scene carries on regardless. It’s almost cringe making when it sticks out as badly as that, although fortunately there aren’t too many instances of it in the rest of the movie (save the “Volvo” set piece).

Nice film… happy ending, seven out of ten on the rom-com scale.