Repeat Offender


Repeat Offender

Well, I took the car in on Friday to have it looked at and it turned out there was nothing wrong with it. Apparently the cooling system has a lot of condensation on it at this time of year and it was that which created the puddles I was seeing.

So now I know. Although I’m not 100% convinced, I guess since no warning lights or anything came on then it cant be something much more technical than that.

The aforementioned Wicked Witch of Kings Chrysler was on superb form – greeting me at the reception desk in a similar way to what you would expect if she was doing it at gunpoint. Not exacly gushing with customer friendlyness, but not being rude enough for me to cause a fuss.

I did ask the mechanic who took a look at that car “what’s up with Sue Marsden – is she always like that?”
“Like what?” The mechanic asked, with a similar attitude to that of the infamous servicing manager from hell. It was at this point I realised I was “on a hiding to nothing” (as uncle John would say – not sure what it means, but it seemed to fit the situation).

Why would an American company, from the land of customer service, employ a bunch of despondent clones to greet and face people who have come to them making the second most expensive purchase in their lives? (your most expensive one being your house, I’m assuming.)

Makes no sense to me. I may check the Chrysler website for an alternative dealer in the area. Even if it is further away, there’s more than a slim chance that the customer facing couldn’t be any worse.