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This & That

Very little in the way of updates this week, so I’ll give a summary of what’s been going down…

At the weekend there Fliss and I watched the entire series two of Red Dwarf in one sitting. An exceptionally funny DVD with some good extras too. Cant wait to own the entire collection… well, except the dire series VIII.

During the week I’ve been pretty busy at work, discovering an Output Buffering bug in an older version of php. An absolute bugger that confused the hell out of me and Mr Exceptionally Patient Server Administrator. (This Bud’s for him!).

In the evenings I’ve been doing a little more C++. A lot of it is flooding back to me, and it’s so similar to php in places that I’ve been tempted to skip sections of the book that Graeme has loaned me. A bad thing to do, as I’ve already had to retrace my steps.

Tomorrow (Friday) I have taken the day off work, as I’m off to see the wizards at Kings Chrysler with the car. Hopefully this will not involve another frosty confrontation with Sue Marsden (the Wicked Witch of Kings Chrysler). The problem seems to be with the air conditioning, (or so I’ve been told) after noticing puddles of some liquid or other on the driveway for a few mornings. It did go away, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Fingers crossed it’s all covered under warranty – after being skinned alive for ?418 by the council tax people I cant really afford anything at all, including breathing almost.

I have signed up for the Freeserve anytime account in a bid to cut our internet access costs. Most startling was the fact that I connected at 52kbps right away with the new account, whereas BT OpenWound has had me handcuffed at 32kbps for the last two years. Freeserve, although not as ideal a solution as broadband might be, will at least save a few quid over BT, so the speed of connection was a pleasant bonus.

When I called BT this afternoon to tell them I was off to pastures new, the guy didn’t even argue with me, or try to convince me to stay with a cheap rate or something. Weird – I figured most corporations nowadays have a customer retention department. I guess not.

Finishing off, I re-instated the little “amount of articles to show” selector on the right there. Somehow when I made lots of changes to the code it got left out in the cold. Sorry about that!