Due to comments made by cousin Iain and a couple of other folk, I decided to add a dash of colour to the banner of the site.

While I don’t want to be continually fussing over the site design, given time for reflection I guess the minimalist blue & white look wasn’t 100% me. A dash of colour and the re-emergence of *that* sunset will do for the time being while I’m (continually) busy with other things. The new new look pushes up the page weight to an insane 15k or there abouts, but that’s still about four or five times less than your average site!

Speaking of weighty, the to do list is looking healthy at the moment – I’m reading No Logo, (re)learning C++, building Sonalksis (shhh!), and making the transition from Macromedia Homesite to Dreamweaver MX… which is now on order for me at work, too.

More web-guru type comment is in the pipeline, no doubt – watch this dynamically generated web space. =o)