Still ill


Still ill

I’m ill. Properly ill. Not just sniffy and feeling a bit bunged up ill – I’m talking proper coughing, sneezing, nose blowing and generally feeling very bad.

Haven’t been ill like this in ages – years in fact. And I hate it. It sucks. Being ill really does suck. First day or two it’s actually not so bad. You get some sympathy and you get to stay at home and play games.

But then on the third day it really starts to piss me off – I have used most of a rain-forest worth of balsam hankies – padded out by the occasional use of bog-standard… well, bog roll, just to make sure I didn’t run out of the nice ones. (Cant use rough hankies, me – end up looking like Rudolph the reindeer with a coke habit.)

To make matters worse it has been really lovely weather for the last three days, yet I didn’t want to go outside and risk making myself worse. That’s the bit I find more annoying than anything else. Anyhow, I’m back at work today and hopefully I’m over the worst of it. Should be fit in time to stay indoors to watch it rain next weekend! ;o)