Almost better


Almost better

The bad cold is finally starting to ebb away – and not before time I can tell you. This kind of thing is the reason I take multi-vitiamins and an extra vitamin C every day of the week. I hate being ill with a vengance!

Not that you can get particularly vengeful against snot, but you know what I mean.

I’m aiming to be ship shape again for the weekend so that I can get on with my master plan of returning to fitness by summer. And none of your half assed fitness – we’re talking running up flights of stairs without being out of breath here!

Sadly due to the current health speed-bump I have to miss five-a-side tonight. The game has come too early for me… as my cliché spouting manager would tell the media… although I hope to make my full return next Thursday as part of my ongoing fitness regime! =o)