On Saturday myself, Kieran, Ele and Fliss set out to prove that cycling from our house to New Brighton via the Mersey Ferry would be a fun thing to do.

We were half right. The journey there was a piece of cake – a really enjoyable ride along the banks of the river… with the wind at our backs. Turning around and coming the other way it was a complete and utter slog and I had had just about enough by the time we were waiting on the return ferry journey.

The final leg felt like absoute torture – not a word was spoken as the common grimace of discomfort led us gingerly back the way we had came.

As Kieran so intelligently put it on the way back “next time we do a hundred yards in each direction at the start so we can tell what effect the wind will have!” If only he’d had those pearls of wisdom before I gave myself John Wayne style saddle sores.

Anyhow, with the first big-ish cycle of the year out of the way, I’m almost positive that the grand plan of returning to fitness is well underway. =o)