Home Alone


Home Alone

This weekend I’ve been all by myself as Fliss is up in Scotland hanging out with old friends at Millport.

It hasn’t been as dull as I thought it would be, mostly because I’ve kept myself occupied for much of the time. I spent most of Saturday during the day playing games – interrupted by a drive into the city where I changed my mind as the traffic got heavy and headed homeward in a puff of smoke. Literally.

On saturday evening I went to Cedrick’s place for games and movies which was quite entertaining. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the opener and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would – highly recommended and head and shoulders above Two Weeks Notice in the romcom stakes. Movie number two was Eight Legged Freaks – not something I can recommend if you’re returning to a cold and empty house afterwards.

As I was.


Somehow I managed to get to sleep okay, despite the occasional image of an Eight Legged Freak blinking into my minds eye. The hour lost as we leapt into British Summer Time really seems to have thrown me, though, and I’ve been jaded all day today.

I did make it into town, though – making the mental note that Sunday is definately the day to go in future, as parking was a breeze and there was much less traffic to contend with.

Training shoe shopping did not go as planned, sadly – there seems to be an absolute deluge of white, minimalist trainers available. All very nice if you’re a shell suit wearing scouser, but not really what I had in mind at all. Hence, training shoe shopping transformed itself into CD and game shopping before returning home to wash the car in order to give me some sense of accomplishment for the day.

Funny how we have to do the odd chore in order to excuse doing a whole lot of nothing! =o)