Nobody’s fool


Nobody’s fool

Okay… this isn’t terribly exciting at all, unless you’re me, but it’s the first time I’ve spotted a “goof” on the imdb where I actually worked out that it wasn’t a goof.

For the movie Demolition Man the imdb lists as a goof that The “morality monitors” site all their violators by name. Each time Phoenix makes a violation, it just says “You are fined…”

But Pheonix wasn’t “chipped” like everyone else because he escaped from the cryo-prison facility. That meant that the morality monitors had no way of knowing his name. So the movie is actually completely correct.


I’ve submitted the form to get them to correct this, and for some reason I’m quite pleased with myself. Granted it’s a film not to everyone’s taste, but it does feature Sandra Bullock looking exceptionally not bad and it’s set in the future, too. All good things by me! =o)