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Top Gun

I’m back playing Ace Combat 4 again after a break of many months. Spurred on by a cowardly challenge in the pub by Cedrick, I got practicing in anticipation of sending him crashing back to Earth many times over at the hands of my arial combat skills.

Sadly Cedrick was more interested in shaking maracas and using a dance mat(!) when I went to his place at the weekend, so the chance to make him crash and burn was lost.

But my brief sortie in the stratosphere has ended up with me being hooked on the game again and I’m trying to complete every mission with a “special” rating at Ace level. No mean feat, I can tell you, as to do so you have to eek out and bring down an ace pilot flying somewhere around the map for each mission.

So far I have managed this on about 14 out of the 20 missions and my highly honed skills of last year have returned to their devastating best! Oh yes! (pegging f*ckers left right and center, I am!)

The reward for all this toil is new planes and paint jobs for said planes. Plus… the elusive X-02 plane that is rewarded when you complete every level with a special rating on hard. Hard!? We don’t need no stinking “hard”! Ace level is where it’s at if you want to be the best of the best! =o)

Ace Combat 4 on PS2 – highly recommended.