Connecting to people


Connecting to people

I’ve upgraded my mobile phone to a new Nokia 3650 handset, complete with digital camera and video capabilities. It’s a pretty swish little gadget and I’ve taken a few choice pics already, although the quirky keypad layout is taking some getting used to.

After five years of having a mobile, operations like typing a text message with the ubiquitous grid-layout keypad have become second nature. Now I feel totally handicapped by the dial style layout of the 3650 – a triumph of design over functionality, I’m afraid.

I imagine I’ll get used to it over time – it’s not as if I text too often and most of the other phone applications are handled by the directional & function keys. Hopefully when it’s time to upgrade again in a years time, Nokia will be able to furnish me with a handset that is both good to look at and functional into the bargain – I’d have settled for the functionality of my new phone wrapped in the fairly staid design of my old 6210 any day.