Time to gush like a MacWhore!


Time to gush like a MacWhore!

My Bluetooth dongle arrived in the space of 24 hours from the previously untrustworthy Scan Hardware. Kieran convinced me that they had cleaned up their act, and I have to say I am very impressed with the speed of the delivery.

Anyhoo – the bluetooth dongle plugs into the USB port and after a little bit of installing and twiddling it picks up my 3650 no problem at all. I copied up a new version of the video recorder software, so now I get sound recorded along with video… which is cool. I also copied a couple of games over, which are fairly tame, but you cant have too many games on the go. Oh, and I downloaded some pictures I had taken with the phone – all of which made the thin-air journey almost instantly.

What can I say, Bluetooth rocks!

I can remember reading about it three years back thinking “wow – so your PC can talk to your phone without any cables and you can exchange files through mid-air. Cool.”

And here it is – Sci-Fi technology right here in this dimension ready to use! It’s not a pipe-dream, it’s not financially prohibited (the dongle was only ?20) and it’s just exceptionally cool for a techno-geek like myself.

I can almost hear myself telling my grand-kids “When I was your age, we used to have to connect stuff with cables.” They’ll gasp and be amazed at the very concept, asking wide-eyed “Grandpa… what’s a cable?”