Birthday Weekend


Birthday Weekend

After the sombre events of Friday were out of the way, the weekend turned out to be quite pleasant. Very low key compared to a year ago, though, when we moved house and had my birthday party the day after.

On Saturday night my mum treated me, Fliss, and family to a quality meal at the Dumbuck Hotel. Top food, although the service was lacking and we ended up waiting 20 minutes for a round of drinks.

Then on Sunday I spent some time in the scorching sun trying to get Andrew to catch a football. This is not an easy task, believe me – Andrew has hand-eye co-ordination that only Stevie Wonder would envy. Still, he managed to catch a few… with the emphisis on few… and was definately improving by the time we saught shelter from the heat. (No doubt he’ll be back to square one by the next time I visit – which is this weekend for Hazel & Ian’s engagement party!)

Sunday evening was taken up by the fairly smooth drive back home – I’m actually getting quite efficient at it now, although we did have to stop for fuel this time.

For Monday I had taken the day off work, which we filled with shopping and a visit to Argos to buy my birthday treats – a skateboard ramp and a weight bench. True to form, the ramp wasn’t in stock, but I got my weight bench for ?60.

The construction process took ages, though – and it’s not as if it was too complicated. Two hours of toil ended on a sour note when I found that the very final frickin’ pieces were missing! Two spacer/washer things required for the butterfly attachments were absent from the bag, so I have to call the manufacturer to get them sent to me.

Fliss had fired up a barbeque while I was building the weight bench, so we had some charred & uncooked food for dinner before retiring to play EyeToy for the rest of the evening. Not a bad way to end my birthday weekend, even if the rest didn’t go to plan :o)