Keep on runnin’


Keep on runnin’

The car sailed through its first annual service without any major defects coming to light. When I say “sailed through” I mean “cost ?208 for no apparent reason.”

Still, at least it has fresh oil and whatever else for another journey to Scotland at the weekend.

Also, in an amazing turn of events, the previously Wicked Witch of Kings Chrysler, Sue the Service Manager was actually very pleasant. Heck, she even smiled and joked with me when I went to pick up the car after the event. And this was on one of the hottest days of the year so far, I might add – she could have been excused for being a little testy when the temperature in the shade was a stifling 34°C. I’ll fill in the service questionnaire and give her a glowing report – all is forgiven. :o)

On the way home, Fliss and I witnessed what appeared to be a man in a silver Audi speeding away from a hit and run incident. He had a head shaped, spiders web of a crack in his car windscreen and was overtaking the long queue of traffic on the wrong side of the road with wreckless abandon.

I took his number plate down and when we got home we called the police to tell them the when, where and what, although according to Fliss they didn’t seem particularly interested. Ah well, you do your bit. The dude was clearly up to no good, though – I hope they hunt him down like a dawg.