A flying visit


A flying visit

The weekend saw us travelling to and from Scotland in the space of 48 hours in order to attend sister Hazel’s and brother-in-law (to be) Ian’s engagement party.

The car almost knows its own way now, so the drive up was pretty smooth and we picked cousin Iain & Emily up from Glasgow Airport on the way past, pretty much on schedule.

Saturday brought a showery day, with overcast skys – I took the picture on the right just as the Waverly was leaving Helensburgh pier and two seconds later it was lashing it down.

It had cleared up nicely for the party later on in the evening, though, and it turned out to be quite a good night. Much boogie-down with Aunties Mary & Helen was done and it was really cool to see most of the immediate family in one place.

The night ended on a bit of a weird note for myself once we were back at my parents place. After a visit to the bathroom I decided to treat myself to a quick lie down on the bed, you know – just to get my second wind.

Well, that was the last thing I remember doing – woke up on Sunday with a pounding headache and my change was all over the floor, indicating that Fliss had some trouble undressing me!

Happens to the best of us… ;o)

At least there was a cracking British Grand Prix to watch while I regained my composure on Sunday afternoon. I cant remember the last time Formula One had a race that exciting, but it set me up nicely for the drive back down the motorway.