David’s Stag Night at the weekend was pretty good fun. We started off by attending a barbeque for a couple of hours, before jetting back to Basingstoke and hitting the pub.

Although someone made the comment that “Basingstoke was a pretty weird place for a stag night”, it turned out to be pretty cool. It has a very modern town centre and a pretty lively crowd filling the pubs and streets on Saturday night despite the persistant rain.

Although most of the evening seems like a blur, I do remember that the Liquid club we ended up in was actually very superb indeed. Although the DJ let the side down at one point by playing a Justin Timberlake medley which cleared the dance floor of pretty much everbody. Typical case of misjudging your audience – I mean, if you have to be 21 to get into the place it’s kind of possible that J “just be limber, baby” T wont be your music of choice.

Anyhow, it was a good night to send David off on his way to married life. We’ll be back down for the big day in a couple of weeks time, too. Hopefully the weather will be up for it next time. :o)