Hasta la vista, Arnie!


Hasta la vista, Arnie!

On Friday night myself and a few of the lads from work went down to the Odeon to catch Terminator 3. I quite enjoyed the movie, even if it wasn’t quite as polished an effort as T2 had been.

For some reason I couldn’t warm to Nick Stahl (John Connor) – I don’t know what it was, but he just played it too much of a wuss to convince me that he’d later be leading the resistance against the machines. Arnie was Arnie – same as ever, but looking a little frayed around the edges at his age. And Claire Danes was okay, I guess, but did they have to make her look so dull and frumpy compared to the hot T-X?!

Hopefully they’ll leave it there and avoid doing the sequels to death, as I found that the patchwork of adding to an already Swiss-cheese plot served only to weaken a brilliant universe. Indeed, the strongest point of T3, for me, was the sobering ending – puts it all back into perspective after the almost too-tidy ending of T2.