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Stick it to ’em!

Been playing this cool Stick RPG Flash game over the last couple of days. It’s kind of short, so the best challenge is the 40 day game, since you can do everything it’s possible to do in the space of around 55 days.

Best tips are to get the alarm clock from the pawn shop as soon as you can, as it makes the day last longer, and get the kid on the corner some smokes from the store. :o)

The screen grab on the right shows my final ratings after 58 days of game time. I reckon I could have gotten close to that in much less time if I hadn’t spent so much time faffing around in the casino!

The game map is pretty small, so hopefully they’ll keep working on it and produce a version with a bit more to do for greater longevity.

Still, who’d have thought that drink would increase your level of charm? ;o)

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David’s Stag Night at the weekend was pretty good fun. We started off by attending a barbeque for a couple of hours, before jetting back to Basingstoke and hitting the pub.

Although someone made the comment that “Basingstoke was a pretty weird place for a stag night”, it turned out to be pretty cool. It has a very modern town centre and a pretty lively crowd filling the pubs and streets on Saturday night despite the persistant rain.

Although most of the evening seems like a blur, I do remember that the Liquid club we ended up in was actually very superb indeed. Although the DJ let the side down at one point by playing a Justin Timberlake medley which cleared the dance floor of pretty much everbody. Typical case of misjudging your audience – I mean, if you have to be 21 to get into the place it’s kind of possible that J “just be limber, baby” T wont be your music of choice.

Anyhow, it was a good night to send David off on his way to married life. We’ll be back down for the big day in a couple of weeks time, too. Hopefully the weather will be up for it next time. :o)

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