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Battlestar Galactica

This was by far my favourite series when I was a kid. I ranked it way beyond Star Wars and it was kind of sad that even though you could get hold of even the most obscure ship models from SW, owning a Viper or a model of the Galactica itself wasn’t an option. The amount of time I spent making Lego replicas is amazing – I must have built and re-built Lego Galactica’s a hundred times, always running out of Lego before I could make something big enough to capture the sheer scale of how it looked in the films and on TV.

With this in mind, I’m totally looking forward to the Battlestar Galactica video game – if flying the ships is as fun as it is with the planes in Ace Combat 4, I’ll be a very happy pilot. Either way, I cant wait to immerse myself in the storyline – I hope it’ll be just as cool as Wing Commander was on the Amiga – the last space–flight type game I really got hooked on. :o)

Check out the official Battlestar Galactica game site for more info.

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Even more rampant!

Last night I was back at Rampworks skatepark, determined to continue the progress I had made last week. Granted, it’s baby steps of progress, but it’s progress all the same.

With my somewhat silly fear of dropping-in out of the way, I was keen to try something with a bit more flair on the mini-ramp, and spent about an hour just trying the same thing – with limited success I admit, but it was damn good fun all the same.

With a week to recover from various slams and sketchy moments, I’ll be up for it again same time next Wednesday. If Dado can recover from a “broken” back in time, it’ll be three of us going for the next instalment.

Note to self: Wrist guards are all very well, but you do spend most of the time landing on your knees and elbows. Invest in some pads for those too :o)

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