Work in progress


Work in progress

As mentioned before, I’m re-designing WipeoutZone at the moment, although it’s taking me a little longer than I’d hoped. I have the layout where I’m pretty happy with it, although I’m so out of practice with graphics that I cant get the look I’m after for a tab at the end of the banner. I might just drop the idea for the sake of time, but I’m hoping for some inspiration to hit me before it comes to that.

Best accomplishment so far was cutting over 500 lines of code from the records page. It’s really swish now and I even have a printable version going. Other than that, though, there’s still quite a bit to do – the time entry page will need a massive overhaul – I reckon that’ll take me five hours or more by itself.

I’ve set myself a deadline of 30th September, but any time that week will do just fine as long as I get everything working smoothly.

After the new WipeoutZone I’ll be working on the aforementioned – a project which I’m sure will be popular with the Apple adoring masses. I just cant wait until I have people signing up for the Jizzletter! ;o)