Oops… I did it again…


Oops… I did it again…

Another week at skateboarding and another injury… this time concussion. It was so lame, though – right at the start of the night and I wasn’t even doing anything ambitious. Wearing my elbow pads (fresh from the elbow injury last week) and wrist guards, I was just carving a kick turn to come back down one of the ramps – not even going all the way up it. But then I got distracted by someone on the next ramp, leant back, looped out and smashed my brains out on the side of a box section that had ended up behind me on my way down. Ouch!

Took me 45 minutes before I could see straight again, assisted by some huge horse pill that the woman in the shop gave me. Santa pointed out that maybe skateboarding isn’t for me… but I reckon that’s just ‘cos he’s trying to buy my old deck off me on the cheap!

Anyhow, I recovered enough to make some progress on the night – I’m definately improving at going switch (backwards) on the ramps… up until I get to a certain height and then self-preservation takes over and I bottle it!

Still, I think going five weeks in a row and not doing myself any serious injury is quite commendable, and I’ll be back for more self inflicted punishment next week.