Trust Some One


Trust Some One

Back in the early days of the X-Files, I could not get enough of it. I bought episode guides and magazines with even the vaguest article on the show. Then, each week, I would hardly be able to contain my excitement before a new episode was shown, carefully reading my episode guide so that I knew which regulars were invoved with the storyline. I even managed to get one of my friends hooked too and he’d be forever borrowing my carefully taped VHS copies which I’d make him promise to return in pristine condition!

Sadly the BBC started showing the series out of order, here in Britain, and I grew more and more frustrated with the fact that satelite tv viewers were a series ahead of the BBC anyway. My classmates at college would talk about episodes they’d seen, but I had only read about and I’d be so jealous of them. Seems like a crazy obsession now, though, because there are no TV shows I really care about at the moment. Nothing of the quality that both the X-Files and Babylon 5 were attaining back in the mid 90’s.

Why am I writing this?

Because I occasionally read a blog by a person called Alison and she’s written about her slight obsession with the show and went to the effort of making an X-Files page. For some reason she seems embarrassed about her fan page, but as it contains references to some of my favourite episodes of tthe show, I don’t think she should be too worried about it.