A hotdog for breakfast


A hotdog for breakfast

Yesterday morning I went to see The Return of the King as an xmas treat from work. While it was odd being in a cinema munching on a hotdog and popcorn before 11am, the movie was awesome, and the perfect way to round off the trilogy.Who knows how you hold together a project on the scale of one of those movies, let alone three – Peter Jackson has a kind of genius that George Lucas and the Wachowski brothers can only dream of.

I have never read the books, nor been remotely interested in the whole Tolkien universe before I seen the first movie. So I think it speaks volumes for the way in which the elaborate story has been presented on the silver screen that not only was I looking forward to the third instalment, but I re-watched the second movie just a couple of weeks ago to prepare me for the finale.

Sure, the movie isn’t perfect, and I suspect that if 80% of the scenes involving hobbit sobbing were removed then the movie would have been an hour smaller. But if you go looking for flaws you can find them in any movie, so it seems a shame to nit-pick a monumental achievment such as the LotoR Trilogy.

Just like early morning hotdogs and popcorn, The Return of the King is highly recommended.