So far so good


So far so good

Having a good xmas break so far, enjoying a life of over-indulgence and lots of tv. Cant remember a time when I done this little and ate this much, but hey – in two weeks time I’ll be back at the day job with a long road ahead of me to the next holiday, so I may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Christmas day went really well – we got up pretty late, got washed and dressed, and I even phoned my mum before we got around to opening presents. This was a bit of a mistake, actually, as I had to call her back later on to thank her for the varioous gifts she got me. I find it amazing each year how generous my mum can be – she seems to be able to eek out a variety of presents that are pretty cool, but consist of stuff I would never think of getting for other people. We’re talking a kettle and toaster with happy faces here, with fridge magnet games along for the ride. Knowing how her mind works I think it’s hilarious how she’ll be in some shop, in August, spot something weird and think “that’ll make a trendy christmas present for Robert and Fliss!”

I got some cool stuff from Fliss too, including the 411 Video Magazine tenth anniversary dvd which comes on four disks and has a decent booklet. Add to that a hot chicks of Hollyoaks calendar and I was pretty pleased with my haul.

Even more impressive was that the small, mysterious box turned out to contain a shiny silver ring – making an honest man out of me after all this time. Sadly the ring is a little on the small side, so we’re going to get it changed today, hopefully – I’ll stick up a picture as soon as I can.

In the mean time, I have more eating to do… ;o)