Hasta la vista, 2003


Hasta la vista, 2003

The year that brought us and end to the Terminator, The Matrix, and The Lord of the Rings, finally comes to a close itself.

As the hours ebbed away on the 31st, we attended Kieran and Elle’s New Year Silly Hat Party, which turned out to be quite a success. Fliss really went town on our hats, making mine from Budweiser cans and her own from a straw cowboy hat, tinsel and baubles from the xmas tree. We got joint second place for her efforts, although I wish I’d dug out the flashing LED’s I have stashed somewhere, that might just have swung the vote our way.

It ended up being a very fun, but very late night, and I got very, very drunk into the bargain. Not as drunk as Kieran, though, and I suspect his silence today may indicate that he’s curled up feeling awful to a greater degree than I have been. I left the car at his place, so I guess I’ll see how he is when I brave the elements to fetch it tomorrow.

Today has been a bit of slob–fest, to be honest. I’ve played about four games of Madden and watched a Naked Gun movie – not entirely constructive behavior at all. But hey, that’s much the same as any other new years day!

2003 was fun in places, and very trying in others. It was a year we positively filled to the brim with stuff to do, and I’m glad at the end of it all Fliss and I made a firm commitment to our future. Seems the perfect way to round things off and head into 2004.

Happy new year – all the best for the coming year. :o)