I just dyed in your arms tonight


I just dyed in your arms tonight

Due to a slightly naive gamble with a pack of peroxide dye, for the last few days I’ve sported lilac streaks in my hair. It was meant to be a nice deep blue, but a combination of over-confidence and wanting to watch the end of the Chief’s vs Colts NFL play-off game meant that the dye stayed in my hair for around 20 minutes longer than it should have.

It wasn’t so bad that I needed to lock myself away from the world, but it wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for either. After two days of welcome and amusing comentary from my colleagues, I decided that a bit of a touch-up was necessary. That and the fact that Crazy Uncle John is visiting tonight and he might tell my mum on me when he goes back.

Fliss came to the rescue and brushed in some dark blue dye we’ve had in the bathroom cabinet for ages. It would never work before because my hair was just too dark, but it turns out that lilac hair takes to blue dye really well. Now it’s pretty much the colour I was after in the first place, not that I can remember now why I wanted it to be that colour in the first place.