Curried Away


Curried Away

On Wednesday night after Uncle John arrived we made a bit of a night ot it, venturing out to the Gulshan for some fine, if expensive, Indian cuisine. To be honest I’d never really noticed before if the place was pricey or not, I was usually just happy with a fine meal and signed on the dotted line regardless. But ?56 for two people seemed very steep on the night. Fortunately it was fantastic food or we’d have been doing a runner!

I cant really complain, though, as Uncle John treated me and the banter was priceless in my book. When you have quality quotes like; “Any lump of rock can be a planet, but it takes living things to make a world.” it’s easy to sit back, drink, and enjoy the company.

Of course, if you stuff yourself silly and drink a bit much on the Wednesday night, the chances are that Thursday will be spent feeling a bit awful. Fortunately I was only a little tired since I got up early to take Fliss to work.

I was getting my second wind by the time we went to Kieran‘s place for dinner, so for the second night in a row the food was tops. I really should have a Pot Noodle tonight to balance my food karma.

We topped off the evening with a very silly game of the junior edition of Trivial Pursuit. Some of the questions were hysterical, sending Fliss and Elle into giggle fits on a regular basis. I have to admit; “What did Hansel stick out of the cage for the witch to touch?” does seem a little bit pervy. Especially when the answer was “A bone”!

Graeme and Lisa snatched victory in the end, the sly devils – they were two bits of pie down and we had a full house, but couldn’t seem to land on the centre of the board for our final question.

Sadly for Graeme he’d forgotten the “Winner pays for the taxi home” rule, but being a decent chap he stumped up without too much fuss! ;o)