Game On


After falling completely out of love with Madden 2004 only a few weeks after I bought it, I’m now right back in the mood again for some reason.

Maybe it’s the fact that the NFL play-off’s have been very exciting so far, or maybe it’s the fact that I found a great set of AI slider settings after some good advice over at the Madden Mania forums. Whatever has re-newed my zest for the game, though, I’m really enjoying it at the moment – and with the new-found balance in the game that the sliders have brought, I’m experiencing some really close games compared to the shoot-outs that were so common in Madden 2003, or 2004 with default sliders.

There are still a few bug-bears in there that stop it from being the perfect game, though. The interceptions that the AI linebackers can get are simply ridiculous – snatching bullet passes out of the air from five yards away, for example. I could cope with them deflecting the ball and then it being picked off, but the ninja style reflexes need toning down and unfortunately there aren’t any sliders to control that.